Taste Masking in Vegan Food Processing with Natural Substitutes

  • Emel Yusuf UPWr


Climate change, sustainability issues, increased risks of meat diet on both ecology and human health cause changes in the eating habits of individuals. Plant-based foods supply protein sources with health-promoting compounds. The bitterness of plant-based foods is a challenge for both food manufacturers and consumers. So far, artificial taste blockers, salt, sugar, and fat have been applied to mask the bitterness of plant-based products. However, people are conscious of "clean labelling " and "natural " ingredients in foods. Thus, natural taste blockers are the new trend for vegan food manufacturing to mask bitterness. The review focuses on providing information about natural salt, sugar and fat replacers for foods as taste blockers of bitterness. The study highlights the recent natural taste blockers, application trends, and regulations for food processing.

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